Katrina Kaif & Salman Khan getting Romantic Again? I don’t think so!

Screenshot_20171021-022011-01Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan have come together again for the upcoming movie Tiger Zinda Hai. But wait! Only for the movie, not yet in real. Nevertheless, rumours were set afloat by Bollywood and other cine gossip columns that there are signs of the once-much talked about B-town lovers getting back into a romantic relationship. The foundation of the story springs from the close bonding observed between the two in the sets of Tiger Zinda Hai. Well celebrities are celebrities, they have to bond well with their co-stars even if it is one’s Ex!

But, hang on! Anything is possible in Bollywood. So let us not completely ignore the gossips. After all Bhai might still have some love left for the hot girl in his heart. But given Katrina’s nature, as we could guess by now, the bonding might purely be professional. Moreover, this is how Bollywood films are promoted these days. Tiger Zinda Hai is the sequel to Ek Tha Tiger and is scheduled to be released in December this year, but most of you by now already know about the film. How? Yes, these kind of gossips! Gossips of this nature are almost for promoting films.

Screenshot_20171021-021952-01-01Perhaps, fake romantic stories like these might be planted by the production houses themselves. What other better way to spread the word about the movie than to pin it with a fake but colourful and exciting romantic story? After all, these days’ actors go to extreme lengths to promote their films like going on a train ride, driving a tractor etc. More such stories can be anticipated as the film nears release in December as the marketing team will be working overtime. So at least for now, let us put to rest our wild guesses.


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