Baby Doll gets herself an exotic Maserati. Know where the glam world can take you!!

sunn3Sunny Leone, the Indian glam baby has bought herself an exotic Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo worth $80,000. In India, the price tag of the vehicle is reported to be around Rs 1.1 crore. The former porn star turned Bollywood actress became one of the biggest heart throb in the country after acting in a series of films containing steamy scenes. Everyone will remember her first Baby Doll song which propelled the hottie to stardom and is now one of the leading celebrities in the Indian cinema arena. Many attribute her success to her perfect mindset – the right combination of US groomed liberal outlook, hard work and an orientation to take risks and handle criticism – a blend that is highly sought in the Indian film Industry.

The hot actor/model has a penchant for expensive cars as is evident by the other array of pricy vehicles in her garage. She owns another variant of Maserati – the Quattroporte in addition to an Audi 5 and a BMW 7 series. Sunny Leone is the brightest example on what the glam world can bring you. She is a source of inspiration to millions of young models and aspiring actors. The sizzling model/actress is also known to be a bold personality and often appears unfazed in the face of criticism.


Controversy is not something new to Sunny Leone and in fact her very entry into Bollywood was surrounded by criticisms. Some of her product endorsements particularly the recent condom Ad dragged her into another major controversy. However, baby doll doesn’t seem to get affected by these criticisms and probably takes things in the right spirit. After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity, publicity is publicity!

On the other side, baby doll’s fame, popularity and fan following is growing stronger with each of her instagram photos and movies. We all saw the photograph of the huge crowd surrounding her vehicle in Kerala which was even used by a political party’s IT cell to fake it as a gathering for one of  their party heads.

Perhaps aspiring models and actresses need to learn those much needed qualities from the Jism 2 actress. Fame doesn’t follow you until you are ready to give it all, particularly in the glam world where there is cut throat competition.


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