The Cyber Element – Hrithik and Kangana Episode

In the recent interview to a leading TV news channel, Hrithik Roshan spilled the beans on how he was harassed by actress Kangana Ranaut using the cyber domain for two years. But even now the story is not entirely clear with several factors yet to be answered. Is there an imposter who got between Hrithik and Kangana? Is Kangana delusional or did she do all this deliberately for the sake of publicity? These are some of the questions on everyone’s mind.  But whatever it be, it seems that it has left a deep scar on Hrithik’s personal life. This episode is a stark reminder on the dangerous side of cyber systems.

The Queen actress has managed to play her feminist card very well and it kept succeeding until now when Hrithik broke his prolonged silence. Earlier, while it was all going in favour of Kangana, numerous other feminists jumped in to slander Hrithik. What is worse is, as narrated by Hrithik, Kangana had managed to convince key people in the film fraternity of her affair with the Krrish actor which was actually non-existent.

But it is not clear on why she did what she did! Many feel that she did this just for the sake of publicity while others feel that she might have actually fallen for Hrithik at some point and later turned against him when Hrithik did not show interest even after repeated attempts. Probably Kangana did not want to be known as a looser in this episode and hence started to turn things against him by making false claims and spreading rumours.

But beyond all this, one key aspect that needs to be highlighted is the cyber element in this story. If a big star like Hrithik Roshan could be brought down to his knees, then it could happen to any other star or any ordinary folk. The Krrish star himself expressed that people need to be more aware of this kind of cyber bullying. It is now very much apparent on how email services, twitter and other social media sites could be used for cyber bullying and character assassination.

However, Hrithik did the right thing by filing a complaint with the Mumbai police cyber-crime cell. Further, he had handed over his laptop and other internet equipment to the cops for investigation. However, to twist things further, Kangana accused Hrithik of hacking into her email account and sending himself all the mails, which was eventually found to be false as some mails reportedly contained pictures she clicked herself and other personal data about her day to day activities which he would not have had access to. Further, Kangana team released a morphed photo in which Hrithik was found to be intimately close with her. But the lie was caught the next day when the actual photo came out.

The fact of the matter is, anybody can do this and anybody could be a victim of cyber-bullying. In fact it can go a little further as any security minded programmer can easily get into systems and networks to play havoc on his target’s life. Even if your system has the best firewalls and security software, a sophisticated hacker will eventually get in. So the best a person can do to be safe online is to always be cautious while clicking links and opening attached files and frequently updating the security software of the gadgets. This will at least keep away novice and general cyber-attacks. Alas, the sensible thing to do is to approach the law enforcement agencies the moment you notice trouble.


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