Russia accuses the United States of supporting ISIS in Syria

The Russian defence ministry has once again accused the United States of supporting and aiding Islamic State forces in Syria. Recently, IS jihadists attacked Syrian regime forces in the South-Eastern region of Syria. The attack was reportedly carried out from a US controlled territory called At Tanf, where US forces are deployed. This is not the first time Moscow has accused US of supporting the ISIS in Syria. Given US intensions in Syria at the moment it is quite possible that the attacks were facilitated by the US troops in the region.


Washington’s objective is to oust the Bashar-al-Assad government in Syria with a highly likely aim of capturing and controlling the oil resources in the now war torn country. It is also a known fact that the US trained and armed the opposition rebel groups in Syria to achieve its objective. Initially the US got involved in the Syrian war claiming that it intends to defeat the ISIS in the Middle Eastern country. However, before Russia militarily intervened in Syria in support of the Assad government, ISIS was actually making speedy progress towards Damascus. Several analyst are of the opinion that, had it not been for the timely Russian intervention, ISIS would have taken over Syria by now.
The US claims of fighting against ISIS proved to be false. They were in fact supporting and aiding Islamic State militants to fight against government forces. However, ever since September 2015 when Russia began its aerial bombing campaign on ISIS targets, the Islamic jihadists steadily lost territory. The Syrian government forces now control more than 80% of the territory in Syria due to Moscow’s  military support.


Now the Russia/Syria combine is fighting the Islamic states in the Deir-Ezzor area which is the last stronghold of that terrorist group.  Once the Islamic militants are completely ousted from this area, the major part of the fight will be over. Probably this is the reason why the US is desperately trying to turn the tide by facilitating ISIS attacks on the Syrian positions. The key factor is the oil resource in that area and hence the side that controls Deir-Ezzor will also control the energy resources in the area.


Clearly, the US game plan in Syria has almost crumbled. It is just a matter of time before the Islamic State is completely defeated and control restored to the Assad government. However, the US is here to stay as it controls some territory in Syria and can be expected to be a disruptive force in the years to come.

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